Infection Prevention and Control

Infection Prevention and Control and Employee Health Services

Infection Control is everyone’s responsibility, and facility-wide participation ensures the safety of our patients and staff. The program itself has a strong foundation built on: surveillance, prevention, control of infection, and education.

The goals of the infection control program include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Limiting unprotected exposure to pathogens throughout the hospital
  • Enhancing hand hygiene
  • Minimizing the risk of transmitting infections with the use of procedures, medical equipment and medical devices
  • Maintaining a sanitary environment to avoid sources and transmission of infections and communicable diseases
  • Developing a system for identifying, reporting, investigating, and controlling infections and communicable diseases of patients and personnel
  • Ensuring that the hospital-wide quality assurance and training programs address problems identified by infection control personnel, and that subsequent corrective action plans are successfully implemented

These comprehensive employee-based services include:

  • Monitoring and reducing hospital-acquired infections (HAIs)
  • Investigating outbreaks and exposures
  • Providing vaccines to employees